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Sunset orange. Photo by MAJAL TABORA.

Sunset orange. Photo by MAJAL TABORA.

I’ve been missing home a lot lately, and it didn’t help that Biyahe ni Drew, a travel show in GMA News TV 11 showed me last night what I’ve been missing.

Not that I needed a television show to remind me how breathtaking my hometown is. I carry its colors with me: the blue of the sea that blends with the blue of the sky, so seamless that you could no longer tell where the waters end and the heavens begin; the brown and gray of the earth that gives life to abundant green; the bloom of  yellow and violet and red; the orange of twilight as the sun dips swiftly into the ocean.

I carry its song with me: the lapping of the waves when they tease the shores on sunny days, gently, playfully. The howling of the winds during a storm, when the sea rages on, scary, powerful, violent.

I carry its contradictions with me: joy, pain, hope, struggle, victory, defeat.

But most of all, I carry its love. I may not be there now, but Sablayan is home, and one day, or maybe tomorrow, this sojourner is coming home.

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