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Remington Hotel Manila

The Remington Hotel Manila

The Remington Hotel Manila

The Remington Hotel is the most budget-friendly  hotel in Resorts World Manila.  The other choices are the all-suite luxury Maxims Hotel and the 5-star business Marriott Hotel Manila.

Remington’s published rates are P3,900++ for the Standard Room and P4,900++ for the serviced apartment.  But from July 1 to December 31, 2012, they  have a promo where they offer Standard Rooms for P1188 per person, on the condition that two persons must occupy the room.

It was a good alternative to a long travel during the All Souls’ Day break, so we chose to have a staycation in Resorts World instead than to have a real vacation in either Batangas or Mindoro because just thinking about the long, grueling road travel and the traffic and the crowded Batangas Port made me tired.

After a little misunderstanding at the front desk — they told us we could check in earlier than 2 p.m. without an additional charge but they would not accommodate us when we got there at 12 noon — the front desk handed us two keycards, two movie tickets for Newport Cinema worth P200 each, and two game card vouchers for Game Zoo worth P50 each. We then proceeded to our room at the seventh floor sans a bellboy.  I don’t really know why. Maybe they thought we didn’t need help with our luggage, or I looked like I was not willing to tip generously, if at all. Or maybe because I was a local?

Standard Room at the Remington

Standard Room at the Remington

The 32-inch LCD tv has Destiny cable

The 32-inch LCD tv has Destiny cable

The 21-square meter room has two queen-sized beds, and a 32-inch LCD television with Destiny cable.  There is a set of provisions on each bed: bath towel, room slippers, toothbrush, and soap.

The room's provisions

The room’s provisions

The bath is a little cramped but good enough.  It has hot and cold shower and bidet.  There is a hair and body gel dispenser in the corner.

The bathroom, shower area not shown in the photo

The bathroom, shower area not shown in the photo

There is a small closet, a safety deposit box, and a telephone. There is a charge for local calls.

The amenities are pretty basic for an overnight stay.  There is no refrigerator, and no drinking water.  There is a beverage and snacks dispenser on every level but the one in our floor is out of service.  Good thing there is a 7-11 on the ground floor, on the same building but you have to go out of the hotel to reach it.  There is a McDonald’s right next to 7-11.

The hotel has no swimming pool.

There is a remote control for the air-conditioning unit in our room but when it got too cold, we could not figure out how to control it. A call at the concierge told us that the temperature at the rooms are fixed at 21-degrees Celsius and if we want to make the room warmer, we had to turn the aircon off and just turn it on later.

There is free wifi in the room but the signal was intermittent.

Easily our most favorite part of the room was the view from the front to ceiling glass window.  The Remington is right across NAIA Terminal 3 and we had front row seats to planes taking off every 30 minutes or so.  If you have a kid with you, it was a thrill to see all these planes taking off from such a short distance.  The room was well- insulated so the noise of the planes was muffled.

View from our window, morning

View from our window, morning

View from our window, twilight

View from our window, twilight

On the other side of the hotel is Resorts World mall. If you have money, and playing in the casino is your thing, you’d feel right at home here.  The King and I was showing at the Newport Performing Arts Theater while we were there, but it was not part of our budget.

View of Resorts World mall from the Remington Hotel facade

View of Resorts World mall from the Remington Hotel facade

The hotel has buffet breakfast but after looking at the limited choices and the price — P450++ for adults and P350++ for children below 12 — we decided to just eat out.

We opted to extend our stay for another night.  The front desk gave us two additional cinema tickets and two additional game cards.  On our third day, and after checking out, we used the cinema tickets to watch Wreck It Ralph.  The movie was on Ultra Cinema 1 where it was P500 a ticket.  We used our accumulated P800 worth of tickets and just paid the remaining balance.  It was not a 3D movie, but the reason why it was so expensive was because Ultra Cinema 1 is a luxury cinema with fully reclining seats and a butler service.  There was unlimited popcorn and drinks that you could request by pressing a button right next to you and the butler would come and take your order.

The seats at the Newport Cinema 1

The seats at the Newport Ultra Cinema 1

Cinema 1

Ultra Cinema 1

Overnight parking at the Remington is P100 if you are a registered guest at the hotel, otherwise it is billed per hour.

All in all, it was a nice stay.  If you are looking for value for money in Resorts World, Remington is the choice for you.  But if you prefer a full service hotel, go for Marriott or Maxims.


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