Name names, Inquirer

The Inquirer, our favorite daily, carried a blind item two days ago about bloggers.  That’s not a typo. No, not the National Enquirer that headlines “celebrity gossip, scandals, and the latest from Hollywood,”  but the Philippine Daily Inquirer, the one with “balanced news, fearless views.”

The blind item talked about “stories” about bloggers. “There’s the blogger who supposedly slapped a PR person at a beauty event, the blogger who shoplifted at a store opening and the blogger who has been hawking her product samples on a popular Internet forum.”

There were no names, as mentioned earlier, it was a blind item. There was no byline either, and no explanation why the writer was not named.

But what we have in abundance were allegations of “bloggers who demand to be invited to events, bloggers who gatecrash, bloggers who ask for loot bags and then complain about the contents, bloggers who ask for product samples and then sell them instead of writing about them.”

But because there were no names, the whole blogging community is fair game.

You know any bloggers? Chances are, if they’re popular enough to reach “urban legend status,” they are mentioned here.  That is, if the Inquirer is (still) to be believed.

Good thing I’m not popular, or I would be really, really pissed.

Here are some of the comments. It’s hilarious when non-journalists have to teach those in the profession how to be fair and balanced.


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