Et tu, Lacierda?

Lawyer Romel Bagares shared this blog by Edwin Lacierda when the latter was not yet the Presidential Spokesperson. The name of the blog is San Juan Gossip Mills Outlet.

This is how Lacierda describes himself in the header of the blog:

“A veritable fanatic of the Internet. His avocation is teaching while his main vocation is practicing the much maligned law profession. Currently teaching Constitutional Law at the FEU Institute of Law and a guest lecturer at the De La Salle University teaching “Freedom and Regulation in Cyberspace” in the Graduate Program of the Department of Communication. He is married to his beautiful Ateneo law school classmate and is blessed with a daughter and a son.”

Bagares points out this excerpt from one of Lacierda’s posts which he says is libelous under the new Cybrecrime law:

“Lawyers like Congressman Douglas Cagas, a human rights lawyer kuno, who seemed to have forgotten his roots and is now preparing to foist and install a dictatorship. On the other hand, Congressman Luis Villafuerte has never taken the path of straight and narrow. A lapdog of the former President Marcos, he sides with whoever is in power, and now sponsors a resolution which will earn him platitudes from GMA and JDV but will harvest an eternal caboodle of curses and cusses from the people.”

Today, on the day that the controversial Cybercrime law takes effect, Lacierda has to defend the law in a statement as a spokesperson of the Palace.

And in one of life’s ironies, the ad for his blog is about Freedom of Expression.

I love this country.

Edwin Lacierda's blog before he became the Presidential Spokesperson.

Edwin Lacierda’s blog before he became the Presidential Spokesperson.


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