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First world dogs in a third world country

Saw these dogs in Bonifacio High Street last Sunday.

I am not sure what breed they are, I don’t really know much about dogs.

But Google tells me they may be  Old English Sheepdogs.

They are nice to look at, I must admit. And they looked friendly enough. And I really would have wanted to leave it at that, except…

I live in a lower middle income country with 26.5 percent of the population living below the poverty line.  This means that 23.1 million Filipinos try to survive with less than P46.14 a day*.

That’s a dollar a day. Much less than what these dogs probably spend in one meal.

At least their nannies belong to the 37.6 million employed Filipinos, right?

And yes, I am a wet blanket.

*Computed by Leland Joseph R. Dela Cruz, Director, Development Studies Program, School of Social Sciences, Ateneo de Manila University based on the 2009 Philippine Poverty Statistics released by the National Statistics Office.


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